11-12 August 2022 Norcia, Italy


HMF came to be as a way to honour the memory of our beloved friend Emanuele Tiberi, an exceptional man, taken from his friends, family and loved ones too soon. To keeping his memory alive in an event that brings together his greatest passions, his dedication to great music, his pledge to environmentalism, and his unwavering love to the community and people of his hometown of Norcia.


ONLINE PRESALE One-day ticket (11 / 12 Aug)
One-day ticket (13 Aug)
€ 35,00
One-day ticket (13 Aug)
€ 16,50
Weekend Ticket + HMF Soundsystem (11 + 12 + 13 Aug)
€ 50,00

DOORSALE TICKETS (subject to availability)
One-day ticket (11 / 12 Aug)
€ 38,00
Weekend Ticket + HMF Soundsystem (11 + 12 + 13 Aug)
€ 55,00
One-day ticket (13 Aug)
€ 20,00


Also this year it will be possible to rent tents in our festival area (subject to availability). By pre booking your tent you’ll have a slot and a tent set up when you arrive at the festival!

- € 15 per day for a 2-person tent
- € 22 per day for a 3 person tent
* sleeping bags and other camping equipment not included

Send us the following information via email (info@hempinessmusicfestival.com):
- Ticket or Booking number for the festival
- name, surname and telephone number
- type of tent (for 2 or 3 people)
- number of tents
- for how many and for which days (11-12-13 August)


For activity registration, please reach out to us via email with the following information at (info@hempinessmusicfestival.com):
- Requested Activity
- Ticket or Booking number for the festival
- name, surname and telephone number
- For which days you would like to participate (12-13 August)

- Free yoga sessions at 09:30 / 10:00 (12th-13th August)

- Free tarot reading available throughout the day

- Massages available throughout the day

- Free Guided hiking tour (Registration required)

- 10 Mountain Bikes to rent (15-20 euro/2hrs)
- Free Guided e-bike tour (4hrs, 6/8 people group, *Registration required)

Shuttle Service

Every 15 minutes 11th - 12th August:
Shuttle Service runs from 14:00 - 02:00 (AM)
13th August: Shuttle Service runs from 23:30 - 04:00 (AM)

Shuttle bus pick-up points in Norcia:
- Parking outside the walls (Caffè Parigi)
- Porta Palatina parking (collection containers and vaccination centre)
- Campo Sportivo parking (hospital area)

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